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Title Review of the 1999 general elections-a gender perspective ( Commission on Gender Equality)
Call Number KP.II.INT r
Author(s) The Commission on Gender Equality (CGE)
Subject(s) Non-governmental organization (NGO) internasional
Reproduksi -- Kesehatan -- Aspek sosial -- Penelit
commission on gender Equality
A Gender Perspective
the 1999 general election
Classification KP.II.
Series Title
GMD Text
Language English
Publisher The Commission on Gender Equality (CGE)
Publishing Year 1999
Publishing Place Johannesburg
Collation 95 Hal.: ill. ; 30cm.
Abstract/Notes Gender equality is protected by our national constitution. It is one of the most important tenets of democracy that are enshrined in our constitution. Those tenets are important for us to implement and cherish jealously. Many years of sacrifice and toil towards the attainment of these freedoms were invested. It is however a sad reality that some people in our society do not yet regard gender equality as a national imperative. It is a constitutional imperative, and not a choice or alternative. The significance of attaining gender equality is as good as the attainment of political independence and therefore as good as racial equality. We decry a tendency to stress the racial equality and equity as if it is more important than the gender equality. Racial inequality is easy to see where it exists. Gender inequality is subtle and covert. Traditions, cultures and stereotyping are all used to justify gender inequality. This is an intolerable situation. The Commission on Gender Equality would like to invite your Committee to entice more Committees of your nature to take gender inequality as a social anomaly that is as serious as other forms of inequality and discrimination.The realisation of substantive human equality and freedoms will start with the attainment of gender equality. I do not see how humanity could claim to be equal and free if gender discrimination is a daily experience for the majority of our citizens. More than 50% of our people are subjected to daily humiliation of gender discrimination. All of us who worked hard to eradicate apartheid, have to feel ashamed that despite having authored one of the most progressive constitutions, we are not implementing most of the progressive legislation that has been passed to create a substantive human rights environment which is premised on gender equality.
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